Job Opportunities

Officer - Insurance Management - (1 Position)

Location : Bangkok

Job PurPose

To manage insurance and risks (monetary and non-monetary that involve losses or damages to company asset and staff) policies in accordance with the Department Civil Aviation.


  • Education :
  • Job Experience :
    ประสบการณ์ 0-3 ปี (รับพิจารณาผู้ที่จบใหม่)
  • License : -
  • Basic skills : -
  • Other qualification - if any :
    ผลคะแนน TOEIC 550 คะแนนขึ้นไป อายุไม่เกิน 2 ปีนับจากวันที่สมัคร

Salary Range

9999999 - 9999999 THB

Key Accountabilities

  • Update rules, regulations, and guidelines from the Department of Insurance
  • Assess asset value and all risks involved to determine appropriate sum to be insured
  • Prepare insurance renewals for all company assets in accordance with risk management policies
  • Prepare insurance claims/indemnities for incidents incurred and ensure that company and staff receive highest benefits in accordance with the stipulated laws and coverage policies
  • Gather initial information for annual renewal of aviation insurance
  • Participate in a working group which consists of adjustor, surveyor, and government office in exploring and assessing damages incurred as assigned and/or mandated by the insurer or re-insurer
  • Communicate information policies, strategies correctly and effectively to all employees in order to apply in practice
  • Perform any tasks assigned by superior
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